Thursday, June 26, 2008

what not to were, what were we not to where?

Ooooh oooh summer days driftin away, on approx 4-5 centimetres of the finest precipitation I’ve seen this side of the Atlantic, yes I’ve crossed it this is the salubrious adventures not the mildly informative adventures although they kind of might seem so.
So as vie already told some interested and uninterested parties , back in the days leading up to the dot com boom I attempted to take a different route and copyright ROFLMAO ,
Thus when it was used I would receive payment of sorts or at least sell it, but the copyright people and the patent office were having none of it and I was promptly escorted form both buildings, the fools didn’t know what was in schtore. Searching for a repeat in such success as my red-step (later procured by another company and re-coloured) product I was blinded.

This week: brap, scunder, mighty, precipice, wonder-punch.

All fine examples of specimens of words that do be being used. (Copyright free I might add)

Check out The Invasion (thanks to sjd). Literally hidden and a “hidden” (check that out) away gem, straight to Ur DVD outlet.

DC back in town, sweet mother of the holy divine and Blessed Sacrament of thundering lord and almighty three in one cavistons crunch classic Jesus is the dream for that.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

oh wow oh really

right so 1st of april since last one just drioppin this off

will return fiendishly and soon rsme