Friday, September 12, 2008

the pump don't work cause the vandals took the handle

welledy welledy welledy, good septembering, its been a while, had a fierce awful reaction to Haettenshweiler, im under no illusion that very few look at this, i know a certain s.m babbage might check in time to time, shout out to you there keeping the hobbit population alive, =)

right back to pleasure.

Logan Knows best was off air for summer period briefly, this week Johnny visits a maple syrup factory to see how the process goes and i hasten to add gets himself in quite a "sticky" situation when encouraged to "have a go" by factory staff acknowledging who he actually is presses the wrong button on the machine and sets it into reverse at a crucial stage of production, no serious harm done though and they laugh about it later on, a grand ole chuckle over some taster syrup on wheat crackers, apart from one member of the tour who is intolerant to wheat and gluten so borught his own rice cake style crackers which were initially just for a snack with nutella to keep his blood sugar balanced should he need too, i know a diabetic eating maple syrup, what shouldnt everyone enjoy the goodness, he's very good with doses so well covered.Johnny compares the process of the production and the work being done at Cern LHC to the dismay of the employees and tour guide, "sure its not rocket science" he says , "either is particle acceleration" quips a disgruntled employee, hold me now , dont cry, dont say a word just hold me now and .......

Word: cabbaging thunklin ralliescent composuringly surplusing

on the hunt for a bottle of TK cream soda this week
also want to thank John Joe who i met on a corner wielding his angle grinder ( not a euphemism ) for some top notch grining i needed done. very smooth and tight finish, perfect for paint.

give us a go of your belt - a night in which people wear in belts they would like to exchange with others for new belts . nice.

Alien vs Preadator 2 - no words for it - just watch it the uncut one of course with extra bits, nice little watch.

eat a danish in denmark, an apple turnover in hanover, clubmilk in luxemburg

feel the face of a steam punk.
apple drops revisited - pound of - ye olde sweet ahop- word
if i ad an ammer - i have several and are occassionally useful.