Friday, February 29, 2008


tuborg bavarioa, flint lock muskets, kindling, fire hair, new skins,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the smell of new shoes

this weeks words a little late so lets call it a long weekend,

fetching, comprehension, octagonal, default, satisfactory

Electhricithy, , putting a h after every t when its not meant to have one and similarly dropping the h after words tat are supposed to have a h afther te t, is my revival for a while .

things a feel to do more of include also , running a stick along metal railings more, using chocolate fingers ( preferably cadburys) as stirrers for stirring everything, yes including paint, using brandy snaps as slides for playing slide guitar, using digestives as coasters, using the marshmallow bit of coconut creams to hang posters and post its, tortilla as dusters, swiss rolls as firelogs

oreos are for eating only

write all notes in charcoal.
have a desk full of broken pens.

shitty biscuit + chocolate covering = chocolate kimberly ,

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Awesome things: female singers who sound unbelievably hot, when they are unbelievably hot, fresh cornflakes with icy ice cold milk eaten with a rounded dessert spoon when the milk has a certain sweetness to it. Skittles will always be amazing, especially the act of putting too many skittles in your mouth and having too much fruit flavoured saliva in your mouth with the chewed up skittle texture it tips my scale. Water when you melt a block of jelly in it, its jelly’s perfect state, before is good, as a solid block of jello, melting in the water tops that , letting it set and stink up your fridge is very wrong. Its sibling intercourse wrong. Having the best sleep , you know that one which will never be equalled in your life up to that point. Finding home even if its’ a finite entity. Free rides on public transport. New toothbrushes and better still chewing tootbrushes.
More words to hear more of:
Contented, connoisseur , indispensable, apothecary , chemist,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

is it tuesday or wednesday?

Thieving hands of an orphaned hobbit.
Fiddlers wrist.

Some more words i want to hear more of for this week:
Thundering, strive, complacent, inappropriate, flask

keep a lookout for upcoming treats of a musical and visual feasting upon the very adrenal gland you so preciously covet like that partner of ur cousins whos not amazing but you would just to piss people off, im disgusted. any way

Distance Mariner and Citizen Timepiece will take you to aldi and back ,

Many Thanks to distance mariner for the simply quite excellent AKA of Citizen Timepiece, quality.

this weeks confectionary of the week is id have to say cola cubes, essentially frosties hotter sister. load up on a kilo at any good pick and mix island around the country.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blinding, blinder, unkempt, catastrophic,

This year February is a leap year , i really wish i had the foresight to impregnate something with a chance of said young being born on the 29th , also leaving out the 29th on 500,000 calendars boasting Visions of Ireland probably wasn’t the best move but im paid and unreachable.

Vending machines are just another form of gambling , granted with excellent odds, but sometimes you just plain lose, (when the bastard get stuck on the edge or is a bar too far back) , other times it’s like putting on a bet each way. (you still get something for your money but is it worth what you put in, did you get a toffee crisp instead of a lion bar).

Top spin, top o the pops, top drawer, top hat , top cat, top trump, top deck, top layer, top buzz, top top, topper tippington, toppington mc tip, tipster mc top, topper o topson, toperan o tip. Toppy o tipperson, mc top, mc tip, mac topperson, o topperan, giltopperson, giltipper, o topsagh, topsaigh , toperthon, topperther, topthingly, toppinggale,
Top gate, top level, top o the morning,
Lord tip of top
Lord top of tip, all topsy(ridiculous), top of the line, top ultimate, top soil, top study,