Thursday, February 14, 2008


Awesome things: female singers who sound unbelievably hot, when they are unbelievably hot, fresh cornflakes with icy ice cold milk eaten with a rounded dessert spoon when the milk has a certain sweetness to it. Skittles will always be amazing, especially the act of putting too many skittles in your mouth and having too much fruit flavoured saliva in your mouth with the chewed up skittle texture it tips my scale. Water when you melt a block of jelly in it, its jelly’s perfect state, before is good, as a solid block of jello, melting in the water tops that , letting it set and stink up your fridge is very wrong. Its sibling intercourse wrong. Having the best sleep , you know that one which will never be equalled in your life up to that point. Finding home even if its’ a finite entity. Free rides on public transport. New toothbrushes and better still chewing tootbrushes.
More words to hear more of:
Contented, connoisseur , indispensable, apothecary , chemist,