Tuesday, February 12, 2008

is it tuesday or wednesday?

Thieving hands of an orphaned hobbit.
Fiddlers wrist.

Some more words i want to hear more of for this week:
Thundering, strive, complacent, inappropriate, flask

keep a lookout for upcoming treats of a musical and visual feasting upon the very adrenal gland you so preciously covet like that partner of ur cousins whos not amazing but you would just to piss people off, im disgusted. any way

Distance Mariner and Citizen Timepiece will take you to aldi and back ,

Many Thanks to distance mariner for the simply quite excellent AKA of Citizen Timepiece, quality.

this weeks confectionary of the week is id have to say cola cubes, essentially frosties hotter sister. load up on a kilo at any good pick and mix island around the country.