Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One , two three o clock four o clock , five

This week our hero gets an interesting script from his agent : Logans run – life begins at 30. It turns out it’s actually from me I’m just trying to steal my own reality show thunder and cheer the man up a bit. After the petrol in the diesel fiasco , well you know.

Also what an absolutely genius Stephen Hawking Legolike.

Word: Legolike, thryumpants, culdging, spanforging

This week I shall be using the guise Mueselli Forfeit. Calling in sick with a claim of an allergy to Times New Roman amongst other unknown fonts which I am being tested for.

Visiting the “Fultrites Bang Jam” many acts , excitement is dampening.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yeah, giz a call yeah!

This week on “Logan Knows Best”, the man himself buys some knitwear from an e auction site but the size are in U.S format and so follows the hassle of emailing about returns, exchanging and posting the return. Lunch with Dana leads to all kind of everything on the horizon for our champion. Somebody puts petrol in his diesel car and he decides against buying a six speed car in Ireland thinking sure “what’s another gear” if one can’t use it, what with traffic the way it has been.

Word: Austere, Veracious, Combustible, Manklon

Thinking about starting a collection of something, figured I should collect thoughts and options on what to collect for my collection of something instead. Thus my collection begins.

I you haven’t seen Primer yet then watch it, if you like, its Diamond. Further entertainment comes from the movies forum where it is analysed with excruciating vigour. Especially the fully numbered and ordered time line word for word.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

double piece setting

This week on “Logan knows Best” Johnny has trouble down the supermarket in choosing not only which type of fish to have for dinner, but also crispy batter or breadcrumbs? Donegal Catch or Birdseye or Green Isle , maybe Chip Shop. Tough choices befall our Sage. Also while the fresh juice is the better option the sweeter from concentrate juice is edging as a clear winner with him.

Word: Scumble, Meticulous, Transitory, Tramjaunt

Loving you is easy cause your beautiful.

This week Pi is the gem o the week .

Use french toast (or eggy bread for some) as dividers for your slices of ham or turkey.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

precipitation, instigation, information,

Top o the July,

eateries i would open, but im not: (note , carvery is not pretty nor delicious )

Carvery Cavern.
Luncheon Dungeon.
The Turkey Threshold.
Spandau Gormet.
The Rustic Renaissance.
Bap o' Chop.

Non descript dancing to the mighty force of D.C went down , praise be.

Tip: if its raining outside and you dont want to get wet going to work, dont bother. It more efficient.

My new campiagn for the coming month is to get in touch with former Eurovision winner and general Balladeer Johnny Logan in a bid to sell him and RTE on my idea for a new show starring himself, called (oh wait for it) : Logan Knows Best.

Pure winner.

assuming the guise of Ace Victory, also on the agenda.

want to get back into equations but finding it more difficult than usual.

necessity + unnecessary needs x needs fulfilled (power of 5) / hours per day = median. must work on that one

taken to using actual already cooked rotisserei chicken as oven gloves to take further chickens from the oven.
never ask anyone to smell your fist.

bang these out: candescant, informous, thricing, wonderous