Monday, February 23, 2009

Extra Extra, secrets of cleaning products

I have held onto this thought for sometime, always forgetting to share the fact , but now its time. So the general consensus toilet duck is called toilet duck due to the neck on the bottle allowing "under the rim cleaning" see below:

i believe its called toilet duck for this reason. (look at photo upside down ):

and no one was more surprised about this thanthe door handle !!:


Friday, February 6, 2009

whooosh the hooch , stay loose

im not sure about this one, really ?!
Actually im not sure about umbreallas in general.

after scouting around this whole blogs of note page thing i have decided to indulge myself and add a new section called "shop front signs and names i think are great ".

Friday equation:

things that look like they perform a certain funtion(+retro charm) x the fact that they perform a completely different function altogether = cool !

eg: the flick-knife hair comb

based on that equation ill be releasing a few gems.
the head of a plug thats actually an mp3player and memory stick, but can also be fused and used as a real plug aswell. (patent pending).

yeah you like what i did there with the mp3 , sound.

available soon - keep a look out on engadget and such sites.

This weeks movie is anchorman - cuz i just saw this ring and the sex panther bit again on and really wanna watch it now, thanks. but you could do worse than checking out Bats:

this is probably the best cover ive seen for this movie, the bat as the a is priceless - and the tag line, well i have no words for that, it does a service to itself and any addition would be a dis service. Duly warned.