Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ask and ye shall get it yeah!

Broken glasses constantly a problem? ,
People always saying, should have gone to sppecsavers? (no one says that , if they do a sharpened 2h pencil does the job).

Well here is the solution to your needs. Newly released :

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tis the News - real digital writings of the actual world

- April 22 -

A selection of DIY/Ktichenand bathroom shops and showrooms were closed today after an outbreak of tap arousal - This strange occurance was ignored in the hope it would go away, but landed the stores in "hot water" after concerned parents pointed out their concerns.(see pics below for before and after shots (well we didnt catch actual shots "):

Rumours that Lando might be hosting the Late Late are verified :

Fingers crossed for this, if not Johnny Logan knows best. Logan for the Late Late is an address to give your backing to him and help Ireland secure a most worthy host for an otherwise complete shattered window of entertainment. You thought Paul Michael Glaser might be able to fix it , but you'd be wrong.


Radiant beams of vitamin d and solar radiation bangin in your face to begin with, later on in the day showers of stress and lonliness. Possibility of tornadoes of melancholy and Tempests of unforseen forthcoming doom, subsiding in the late evening to a glorious sunset much akin to the return of jesus with love and great ideas making most areas by night time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

huey lewis, gerry lewis, lewis form inspector morse- all spread the news

Here are the picytures of work and in place on the wall. check out .


the sauce - no relish,

If im hungover then everyone should be, even my snacks, oh im in trouble now if "The Happening" (see movie storyline imdb) ever comes to fruition - (no pun intended =) yeah ! )

smug, crisp, fresh, helathy,

not so funny meow is it? aw i actually love apples though, - root of all evil that they are .

Some final words from unimpressed skull drain :

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boss original fax post it chops

Here it is , the start of shop fronts from your dreams :

Straight in with this one - no messsing about - done - .

and also around the corner :

Monday, February 23, 2009

Extra Extra, secrets of cleaning products

I have held onto this thought for sometime, always forgetting to share the fact , but now its time. So the general consensus toilet duck is called toilet duck due to the neck on the bottle allowing "under the rim cleaning" see below:

i believe its called toilet duck for this reason. (look at photo upside down ):

and no one was more surprised about this thanthe door handle !!:


Friday, February 6, 2009

whooosh the hooch , stay loose

im not sure about this one, really ?!
Actually im not sure about umbreallas in general.

after scouting around this whole blogs of note page thing i have decided to indulge myself and add a new section called "shop front signs and names i think are great ".

Friday equation:

things that look like they perform a certain funtion(+retro charm) x the fact that they perform a completely different function altogether = cool !

eg: the flick-knife hair comb

based on that equation ill be releasing a few gems.
the head of a plug thats actually an mp3player and memory stick, but can also be fused and used as a real plug aswell. (patent pending).

yeah you like what i did there with the mp3 , sound.

available soon - keep a look out on engadget and such sites.

This weeks movie is anchorman - cuz i just saw this ring and the sex panther bit again on and really wanna watch it now, thanks. but you could do worse than checking out Bats:

this is probably the best cover ive seen for this movie, the bat as the a is priceless - and the tag line, well i have no words for that, it does a service to itself and any addition would be a dis service. Duly warned.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bickkketty baaaam, oh is that raspberry jam, why yes ill have some

charlie sheen , in a modified car being a phantasm vigilante, in a slick lookin robot suit, cmon, if thats not woth an hour and a half of your time then flickin stations for an hour isnt either. the quality. AEOD - check out track Tiffany. a speaker chugging, patron eating incubus i wanna hear out an' about.

If one is in the market for top notch jam/preserves, check out these guys, the makers of pockets full of dreams and purses full of tangible delights. "Theres a party in my mouth, thanks St. Dalfours" is the tagline i would like to see on the label, sourse - Dr. Five , check out only some of the selection for delectation:

back soon, happy january.