Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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- April 22 -

A selection of DIY/Ktichenand bathroom shops and showrooms were closed today after an outbreak of tap arousal - This strange occurance was ignored in the hope it would go away, but landed the stores in "hot water" after concerned parents pointed out their concerns.(see pics below for before and after shots (well we didnt catch actual shots "):

Rumours that Lando might be hosting the Late Late are verified :

Fingers crossed for this, if not Johnny Logan knows best. Logan for the Late Late is an address to give your backing to him and help Ireland secure a most worthy host for an otherwise complete shattered window of entertainment. You thought Paul Michael Glaser might be able to fix it , but you'd be wrong.


Radiant beams of vitamin d and solar radiation bangin in your face to begin with, later on in the day showers of stress and lonliness. Possibility of tornadoes of melancholy and Tempests of unforseen forthcoming doom, subsiding in the late evening to a glorious sunset much akin to the return of jesus with love and great ideas making most areas by night time.

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