Monday, January 28, 2008

a weekend wasted, is better than a weekend wasted!

Today is ghostbusters appreciation day,
“ ray for your information the interest rate alone for the first five years comes to 95 thousand dollars”
Oh yeah you should probably go and retrieve a copy of it and watch it.

2H pencils can cut glass. Fact .

So Heidegger was asked to discuss the judgement of taste and finality without representation of a specific end, he said “ I Kant” . ha.

When there’s no bread left because there never is, cream crackers with melted cheese , ketchup is optional , because there are always cream crackers hangin around. No one knows quite how they got into the house , possibly due to some kind of unknown cream cracker stigma, cream crackers ? me? Pah i bought the carrs water biscuits, you tramps, cream crackers are where it is at , now im not specifically championing ja**bs here but they are the preferred brand for many households.
Words i want to hear used more:
Blinding, blinder, unkempt, catastrophic,

Friday, January 25, 2008


Saturday, January 19, 2008

once in a life time

despite dan le sac being "sold out" , sweet christ , sadder than an orphan at chrsitmas whos pet stick just fuckin snapped was the general vibe, but alas, mr tales of the mega rich fizztales.blogspot the rest la la, richie rich got to shake the mans hand as he left the venue, top score, at least two things were the fruit bore from the weekend tree which is under watered , 1 . ghandi's dam (use how you see fit) eg: couldnt give a ghandi's dam , the ghandi's dam on him/her, me ghandi's dam is killing me, you get the idea so , and 2. templars flask, suppose its essentially something to keep your tea in during the crusades also same as above, par example:
i was down in lidl the other week and despite whacking my ghandi's dam off the trolley i proceeded to purchase a templars flask load of cheap confectionary for the mornin.
good solid work

furthermore research in tokyo tells us that people who have sex more than three times a week are guaranteed yes GUARANTEED to live longer and less likely to suffer heart disease , stroke the usaul stuff, thus prostitution or the availing of such services should and could be written off as a medical expense, you lucky medical card holding bastards,

Monday, January 7, 2008

club luxemburg

so heres the plan, new underground esque club opening in luxemburg. called club luxemburg, unfortunately not johnre but thanks for the awesome suggestion sherlock, tops , tip top infact. electro buzz, minimal techno , wednesday night is fire alarm nite when we just let the fire alarm go off and put a rolled up newspaper and a snare drum on the stage. electro karaoke


Huge in

joy and prosperity

stumbled across some old kinder egg toys recently, only the crappy tini terrapin ones though, why were they kept, nnot half as good as building a plane or spinning top. did get a banging little smart car one recently, the sense of achievement after building it it was second to none. still nothing beats the all time top kinder egg gift of a banana basrd spinning top. it sin a safe deposit box. picture of said wonder to follow. what ever happened AGWA a fine alcoholic tipple . Looking to book a des oconnor tribute act if one exists. st john hawk vs. stringfellow hawk ?