Monday, January 28, 2008

a weekend wasted, is better than a weekend wasted!

Today is ghostbusters appreciation day,
“ ray for your information the interest rate alone for the first five years comes to 95 thousand dollars”
Oh yeah you should probably go and retrieve a copy of it and watch it.

2H pencils can cut glass. Fact .

So Heidegger was asked to discuss the judgement of taste and finality without representation of a specific end, he said “ I Kant” . ha.

When there’s no bread left because there never is, cream crackers with melted cheese , ketchup is optional , because there are always cream crackers hangin around. No one knows quite how they got into the house , possibly due to some kind of unknown cream cracker stigma, cream crackers ? me? Pah i bought the carrs water biscuits, you tramps, cream crackers are where it is at , now im not specifically championing ja**bs here but they are the preferred brand for many households.
Words i want to hear used more:
Blinding, blinder, unkempt, catastrophic,