Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blinding, blinder, unkempt, catastrophic,

This year February is a leap year , i really wish i had the foresight to impregnate something with a chance of said young being born on the 29th , also leaving out the 29th on 500,000 calendars boasting Visions of Ireland probably wasn’t the best move but im paid and unreachable.

Vending machines are just another form of gambling , granted with excellent odds, but sometimes you just plain lose, (when the bastard get stuck on the edge or is a bar too far back) , other times it’s like putting on a bet each way. (you still get something for your money but is it worth what you put in, did you get a toffee crisp instead of a lion bar).

Top spin, top o the pops, top drawer, top hat , top cat, top trump, top deck, top layer, top buzz, top top, topper tippington, toppington mc tip, tipster mc top, topper o topson, toperan o tip. Toppy o tipperson, mc top, mc tip, mac topperson, o topperan, giltopperson, giltipper, o topsagh, topsaigh , toperthon, topperther, topthingly, toppinggale,
Top gate, top level, top o the morning,
Lord tip of top
Lord top of tip, all topsy(ridiculous), top of the line, top ultimate, top soil, top study,