Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the smell of new shoes

this weeks words a little late so lets call it a long weekend,

fetching, comprehension, octagonal, default, satisfactory

Electhricithy, , putting a h after every t when its not meant to have one and similarly dropping the h after words tat are supposed to have a h afther te t, is my revival for a while .

things a feel to do more of include also , running a stick along metal railings more, using chocolate fingers ( preferably cadburys) as stirrers for stirring everything, yes including paint, using brandy snaps as slides for playing slide guitar, using digestives as coasters, using the marshmallow bit of coconut creams to hang posters and post its, tortilla as dusters, swiss rolls as firelogs

oreos are for eating only

write all notes in charcoal.
have a desk full of broken pens.

shitty biscuit + chocolate covering = chocolate kimberly ,